06 October 2009

Slot Cars + Plastic Ponies - Airs Oct. 12

Slots of Fun by T.K. McGuirt
First, we'll visit a racetrack in Maine where we meet enthusiast, Roland Thurlow. Just like lots of guys, he is serious about his cars. Roland's are a little different though - they measure only about 4". These are slot cars.

Are There Any More Rare, Plastic Ponies? by Julie Shapiro
While some ladies are at the barn brushing their living & breathing ponies, others are devoted to their diminutive, mass-produced, painted plastic counterparts. An unknown pastime to most, competitive (?!!!??!) model horse collecting is a serious passion for women of all ages. Either way, one thing's certain: Girls love horses. We'll spend some time at the stable & at the show ring talking with riders ...& collectors.


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Todd Melby said...

I'm looking forward to the show, Micah. Very cool.