19 October 2009

Proms, Jobs and Ethnicity - Airs Oct. 19

On this show, we air six stories from American teenagers. Titled "Proms, Jobs and Ethnicity," these stories reflect the worries and hopes of millions of a whole bunch of kids.

Like Phillip Baggett of Curie Youth Radio in Chicago.

He wants to go to prom. But he's having a tough time asking. We'll air Phillip's funny, anxiety-inducing story on getting a date — or not getting a date — for prom.

We'll also air these stories:

The N Word: It Represents Hatred, by Veralyn Williams
Dominican Republic by Angely Tavare
I'm the Guy Who Parks Your Car, by Pablo Ponce
Thanks Dunkin' Donuts Lady, by Jasmine Gonzale
To My Aunt Who Crossed the Border, by Elizabeth Pilego

Relive your youth! Tune in.

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