19 October 2009

Honoring the Body: Taharah - Airs Oct. 26

Leaving the world as we entered it... but with a twist.

Jewish burial rituals and beliefs place great importance on treating the deceased with the utmost honor and respect. This is especially important during the "taharah," a ritual involving the physical cleansing of the dead body.

In "Honoring the Body: Tahara" — winner of the 2006 Third Coast International Audio Festival Directors' Choice award — three people who have taken part in taharah share their experiences. In addition to taking us through the steps of this intricate ceremony, they offer their personal views and insights on how taharah encouraged them to confront their own mortality and grapple with the existential questions of life and death.

We'll also air two other stories related to death: "My Sister's Brain Cancer" by Nance Olesen and "Horrible Deaths" from the Memory Palace.

1 comment:

Diane said...

Great program, Todd. Each story respected the listener's intelligence and avoided any hint of the maudlin. Loved Nance's gentle yet unblinking account of her sister's brain tumor. And,yes, those deaths all qualify as horrible. Call it like it is. Your job now is to find this Goy gal a Jewish burial.