27 July 2009

Stories Sans Narration - Airs Aug. 3

Most radio stories feature a narrator (usually the reporter) to provide the listener with context and descriptions. But sometimes a radio story is more powerful if the reporter can get out of the way and let the subject tell us what's happening. Or better yet, show us.

On this edition of the Listening Lounge, we'll air a podcast produced by Rob Rosenthal of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. In a recent episode of the Saltcast, Rob discusses non-narrated radio pieces and showcases a story by Sarah Reynolds called Look Me in the Eye. The story is about guy named Bill Bouffard who likes to play quad rugby.

We'll also air a story I produced a couple of years ago about the St. Paul Winter Carnival's Bouncing Girl competition. It also lacks narration and I had to give the story quite a bit thought before I bounded over to downtown St. Paul on a chilly January evening for the event. (By the way, a Bouncing Girl competition involves men holding a circular canvas blanket propelling a tiny woman into the air.) The Bouncing Girl story can also be heard here.

And I'll play a third non-narrated story: The Rolling Diamonds, a non-narrated story about a husband-and-wife rollerskating circus act. Tune in on Monday, Aug 3 at 7 p.m. Central Time on KFAI, 90.3 FM Minneapolis.

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