12 March 2009

Whales! --Airs March 16

Kristina and Emily love whales. And so before Todd returns to Listening Lounge after his 5-week vacation, the two of us have decided to dedicate a half-hour show to whales. Whales! It’ll be fun, people!
First up, a piece from Barrett Golding’s show, Hearing Voices. (This should be your favorite audio documentary show—after the Listening Lounge, of course). “Blackfish” tells the story of a guy who can identify which pod an Orca whale is from simply by listening to its call. Dr. John Ford spends his nights on the water, with a hydraphone, an underwater mic, dangling off the side of the boat.
Next, a more somber story that we think everyone should hear. “Sonar and Whales,” from Spectrum radio’s Jean Kumagai, investigates the military's use of Low Frequency Sonar to detect foreign sea vessels and its often devastating effects on the ocean's sea life, particularly whales.
And we’ll round off the show with some old crazy fun stuff. First, “The Fisherman and His Wife,” a story from the Hanky Pank Players’ 1960 recording of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. (Ok, it’s just about a “big fish,” not necessarily a whale… but close enough, right?) Finally, “Sarah the Whale,” a little song from the 1962 self-titled album from Mr. Peppermint.
Tune in!

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