23 February 2009

Voices From the Harbor—Airs March 2

“Voices From the Harbor,” from producer Katie Clark, tells the stories of four women who entered treatment for their opiate addictions after becoming pregnant. The four women discuss their lives while addicted, their difficult choice to undergo medically-controlled methadone treatment while pregnant, and their hopes for the future. While opiate addiction is a growing problem in America’s rural states, the voices of those struggling with addiction and recovery are seldom heard. This documentary is an intimate and emotional look into the lives of women who are standing up for their future, regardless of their past.

17 February 2009

Black History Month Show –Airs Feb. 23

Tune in for a healthy dose of Black History Month-related pieces. Kristina and Emily liked them, and they think you will too.

Toilet Paper Scrap Chronicles Civil Rights Ordeal: Within the archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison rests a carefully-preserved six-foot swatch of toilet paper. Miriam Feingold used it as stationary while incarcerated in a Port Allen, Louisiana Jail in September of 1963. She tells the story of a brutal civil rights struggle during a voter registration drive during which hundreds of people were arrested.

Navigating in Nebraska: Two years ago, 166 Hurricane Katrina evacuees from New Orleans ended up in Omaha, Neb., and most of them have decided to stay. Building a new life is never easy, but it's especially difficult when you have to deal with various bureaucracies. Producer Lawrence Lanahan brings us a story about one man's mission to help himself by helping other evacuees get back on their feet.

Experiences with the “N” Word: Producer Paul McDonald reflects on his experiences hearing, using, and understanding the “n” word—you know which one.

Black Tension: Over the past decade, the African immigrant population in the United States has increased rapidly. Their numbers doubled in the 1990s, and the latest estimates say there are over one million US residents from the African continent today. This piece looks at the sometimes tension-filled relationship between African immigrants and Black Americans.

Identity in this Society: Chicago teenager Sean Reed gives a spoken-word performance about the complexities of identity in America, especially for a young black male.

13 February 2009

Lynchings End?- Airs Feb. 16

“Lynching’s End?: the Great 1930 Texas Courthouse Race Riot” is the story of one of the last incident’s of the so-called “race riot era.” Thousands of white men, women and children besieged, burned, dynamited, torched and destroyed the Grayson County Courthouse in Texas to get at a confessed black rapist on trial inside. The mob drove off Texas Rangers and National Guards, then went on to terrorize the town of Sherman's black community and torch the black business district. African-Americans, scholars and citizens alike still struggle to understand why it happened. But one immediate result was the formation of the pivotal Association of Southern [White] Women for the Prevention of Lynching. Listen in at 7 p.m. on Feb. 16 on the Listening Lounge on KFAI, 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul.

02 February 2009

The News Plan - Airs Feb. 9

If it Bleeds, It Leads. A half-hour dedicated to the news business from Barrett Golding and Hearing Voices. Includes a commentary by Joe Frank.