15 September 2008

The Ground We Lived On + 2 - Airs Sep. 22

The Ground We Lived On, by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc
Summary: The Ground We Lived On documents the loving relationship between journalist Adrian Nicole LeBlanc and her father, Adrian Leon LeBlanc, in the last months of his life. Using recordings she made of her father, namesake and inspiration from his hospital bed in the family living room, The Ground We Lived On is an ode to the ordinary ways we continue loving even as we are letting go.

We also air two other stories on the show:

Grandpa, by Lu Olkowski
Summary: A father and son have a contest to take the best pictures of their dying grandpa, the result is an up-close portrait of death.

Meet the Bees, by Lu Olkowski
Summary: How I roped my parents into becoming characters on Creature Comforts, a claymation show on CBS. (Come on, listen to it... my parents are funny people.)

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