19 May 2008

Painted Lady - Airs June 23

There are not many women who can tell the stories Elizabeth Hudson has to tell. Most like her die young. And if they make it out alive, keep their past a secret. Elizabeth used to work the strolls in Calgary and Vancouver as a heroin-addicted prostitute. On June 23, she takes us into that world.

On the show, we'll air both part one and part two of "Painted Lady," stories Elizabeth and a radio producer from the CBC produced for the award-winning series Outfront. Elizabeth Hudson is also the author of Snow Bodies: One Woman's Life on the Streets.

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Anonymous said...

What's truly amazing about this story is that the love of one person can reverse the journey down the inevitable path to destruction. Also, her ability to forgive herself which was just touched upon briefly, is the key to leaving the past and becoming something beautiful. The beauty is always there, it just needs love to be seen. I pray that more will escape this terrible fate.