19 May 2008

The Beauty of Lois Vierk - Airs June 9

Most of the time when public radio airs a story about a musician or composer, you learn about her biography and her next album. Not so on the Listening Lounge.

On June 9, we present The Beauty of Lois Vierk, a 6-minute radio story about the post-minimalist composer on the show. Jonathan Mitchell produced the piece but it includes no traditional narration. It's an edited conversation, really, that focuses on the way she works. Their interview is interrupted by a noisy rain storm, which Mitchell incorporates into the story.

Now the other thing that's unusual is that we'll sandwich this radio story in between a pair of long pieces by Vierk. We'll play "River Beneath the River" (13:03) and "Red Shift" (12:17) before and after the Jonathan Mitchell story.

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