30 April 2008

Three by Joe Frank - Airs May 19

When I first heard a Joe Frank radio piece, I was mesmerized. His approach is deceptively simple. Write an essay, play music under the narration, done. His writing is crisp, his storytelling is imaginative and his take on subjects is unconventional.

Salon magazine writes that Joe Frank "conjures up the nightmares that This American Life and Prairie Home Companion have when they go home at night. Read more here.

He's the bad boy of public radio.

On May 19, we'll play three stories by Joe Frank.
  • Palestinian Dreaming
  • News
  • War v. Peace
Here's what a couple of reviewers have written about Joe Frank's work.

"You don't have to close your eyes to appreciate Joe Frank's dense audio universe cascading out of your radio. It helps, though, because there are so many layers - of sound, philosophy, of reality-coursing through his dramas .... Come to think of it, after awhile, you won't want to close your eyes because in Frank's short stories for the radio, the tension and pathos are as enveloping as they are intriguing .... No one else in radio is doing what Frank does."

The Washington Post

"A strange, different, wondrously offbeat, frequently hilarious, altogether brilliant piece of work .... There's never been anything quite like it .... Joe Frank is an audio Fellini."

The Los Angeles Times

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