03 December 2007

Stories From the Heart of the Land - Airing Now

If you could tell any story about people and the natural world, what would it be?"

That's the question radio curator Jay Allison asked his favorite producers and they went ... all over.

All this month on the Listening Lounge, we'll air Stories from the Heart of the Land, collected by Jay Allison

On December 3 and December 10, we air the following stories:

1. Out in the Great Bear Rainforest, Elizabeth Arnold discovers that, though she may be ready for the "Great", and for the "Rainforest", she is not so ready for the "Bear."

2. Armed only with a tent, a pack of hot dogs, and a twelve-year old, Jonathan Goldstein confronts his fear of the woods.

3. The Kitchen Sisters' portrait of activist Mark DuBois and his dramatic effort to save a wild river in the west.

4. What is it like to be exiled from a landscape that you can see from your window? When his legs fail him, Chris Brookes finds out.

5. The story of one man's prairie, and his work to let it flourish, even after he dies. Kelly McEvers visits Bob's Prairie in Illinois.

6. Through every season, 97-year-old rancher Attilio Genasci tends to his cattle and his alpine valley in California. A portrait of a man in his landscape by Jesikah Maria Ross.

On December 17 and December 24, we'll air these stories, most of them tackle the subject of nature.

1. Wild Crafting
For more than 25 years, Nova Kim and Les Hook have made a living by foraging the woods of Northern Vermont. Produced by Emily Botein.

2. Graun em i Laif
Papua New Guinea
After a rootless childhood and a hopscotch youth, Skye Rohde settles down in Papua New Guinea and discovers what it's like to belong to the land.

3. Stone by Stone
Lake District, United Kingdom
For twenty years, rain or shine, Andrew Loudon has been building stone walls in the Lake District. Produced by Kim Normanton.

4. Faith in Fishermen
Stonington, Maine
These things are clear about Maine fishermen: They keep secrets. And they distrust scientists. Unless, of course, you're Ted Ames, who is both fisherman and scientist. Produced by Neenah Ellis.

5. Desert Blooms
Charles Bowden on the ecstasy of Selenicereus plerantus, which offers its bloom on just one night -- the hottest and blackest of the year. Produced by Jeff Rice.

6. Elbow Room
Alaska, China and Mongolia
How much land does a person need? Elizabeth Arnold, who lives in Alaska, goes in search of even more wide-open space and ends up with a case of claustrophobia in Outer Mongolia.

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