11 October 2007

The Tomato and The Big Apple - Airs October 15

This is an edgy documentary by a young Dutch producer named Alwine Van Heemstra. Her quest: Learn how NYC deals with its waste by following a tomato through the city's waste treatment process. Ugh, but cool.

Here's a review by Bill McKibben of the PRX Editorial Board: "Do you like shaggy dog stories? I do, and
this is a great one. Following a tomato in its journey back to New York is only a semi-interesting conceit, but the stories that go along with it are magnificent -- especially the pugilistic truck driver, who is a latter-day Damon Runyon character. If you know Joe Mitchell's finest work (and if you don't, you have a treat in store) you will realize the tradition of New York stories to which this belongs. A few more facts might have been helpful --like how much of these biosolids are actually used -- but what the hell. This is a very fine piece, from a mind that will clearly produce much more of value. I can't wait."

There's more here at Transom.

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