26 September 2007

Josh in New York City: Growing Up with Tourette's - Airs Oct. 1

Pledge drive isn't an annoying, turn-the-channel kind of event at KFAI. It's a fun time to listen because you get a chance to connect with the on-air hosts that bring you fantastic music, great discussions or in the case of the Listening Lounge, inspiring documentaries.

On our Oct. 1 show, we feature two stories from Joe Richman of Radio Diaries. He's a talented producer who lets his subjects speak for themselves. One story we'll air is called Josh in New York City: Growing Up with Tourette's. Here's a description: Josh has Tourette's Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes uncontrollable tics and involuntary verbal outbursts. "It feels like there's a big balloon inside my stomach," Josh says. "And the balloon keeps growing bigger and bigger, like every second extra the tic stays inside it feels like somebody blows up the balloon another notch, until I let it out."

We'll also air Amanda from New York: Girlfriend, the story of a bisexual Catholic girl struggling with her sexuality.

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