31 August 2007

Who's Your Daddy? - Airs Sept. 10

When Jenny went to Hawaii, she wasn't expecting to have the epiphany of a lifetime. And she certainly wasn't expecting to have another one upon her return. This is the story of a woman's attempt to defeat the physics of relationships, love, marriage and child-bearing, as told to producer Sean Cole.

Also on the show, The Miltyway, another story about a Dad, by Minneapolis producer Kristina Lund. As a child, Lund received unusual gifts from her father: Recordings of her favorite songs. But not by the stars. By her father, Milt. In her audio essay, The Miltyway, Lund remembers those days. "My father was the most famous person I knew. His backup singers were Neil Diamond, Waylon Jennings and Tanya Tucker ... I felt a sense of pity for the other 4-year-olds in my neighborhood with their boring Dads. My father would present me with cassettes of his newest hits." Listen in as Milt sings, Lund remembers and a star isn't born.

If you missed the show, tune in the KFAI archives ... the show will be available there for 14 days.

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