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The Gambling Plan - Airs April 11

Brushing up against Lady Luck. Barrett Golding of KGLT in Bozeman, Montana has produced another evocative documentary. His style is unconventional. Using snippets of music, commentary and reportage, he creates half-hour shows on specific subjects. This time we're off to the casino, the land of lost hope. Listen in.

Who is Vern Nash? - Airs April 4

The day Thelon Oeming moved into an apartment in a working class area of Toronto he saw a hunched back man shouting to himself in the middle of the street. Soon after that, the sound of an accordian floated across the street and Thelon discovered that this apparently crazy man was not only his neighbor but a musician. His curiosity was aroused. Who was this talented man tormented by demon voices?

Voice of the Troubles - Airs March 21 + March 28

Sectarian violence isn't unique to Iraq. It's happened in India, Bosnia and Ireland. In this two-part series, Charles Lane explores conflict in the modern world through the lens of Ireland. Here's how Lane describes Voice of the Troubles: "The program begins with an intimate conversation with a hunger striker's brother who was with him on his last night alive. We then hear two starkly different interpretations of the riots and protests that followed. The second segment follows the earlier lives of two children growing up during the Troubles, the good times and the bad. The program concludes in a soundscape of wisdom on the effects of conflict, how it erodes even the most fundamental elements of society."