01 February 2007

At the Movies - Airs Feb. 7

On Feb. 7, we go to the movies. The show begins with Sound Design from Hell, as we tag along with Jonathan Mitchell on a visit to a sound design studio. Then it's an inside look (so to speak) at the porn industry with an affable young man named Sam Stern. Next, it's another piece by Jonathan Mitchell --- Time in Film. And then we conclude with an examination of film noir with Sara Fishko of WNYC. Here's what I had to say about the porn piece in a review on Public Radio Exchange: Sam Stern wants to be a new kind of porn king. He wants to be one whose work doesn't degrade women. He wants to return to the days when porn wasn't violent, when the men were more important than just their "tool." And yet he found himself making and starring in low budget L.A. porn films that showed violent acts. In this piece, he talks of hitting a woman (as an actor) and strangling her (as an actor). It's fascinating, chilling stuff. It's not really creepy though, because Sam is such a likable young man. He sounds like your best friend's son, a naive 20-something who moved to L.A. and did some weird stuff. Now he's in therapy trying to work it out and he talked to this radio producer about some of the stuff he did. I'm airing it on the "Listening Lounge" on KFAI. I want to see if the phones light up.

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Sam said...

hi todd, my name's sam stern, i think you put an interview that i did with ben adair for KPCC on the radio recently . . or were thinking about it . . . :) it was about my time in the porn industry . . anyway i liked the idea, just wanted to chat with you, and couldn't find a way to contact you besides posting in your blog . in any case . . . shoot me an email, relativelyharmless@yahoo.com, when you get the time. or, give a call, i'm on the west coast, 919 618 1622. take care - sam