28 February 2007

City X - Airs March 7

If you loved Jonathan Mitchell's Shades of Gray, which we aired on the Listening Lounge a couple of months ago, you're in for a treat. On March 7, we air City X. Jonathan describes the documentary as "a history of the modern shopping mall through perspectives of people living in a real, yet unnamed, city. Using a sound rich audio mosaic of observations and ruminations, all scored to Muzak, the universal mall experience comes to life, for better or for worse." City X was commissioned by Hearing Voices radio with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. R. Tyler Mack praises the documentary's "beautiful sound design." I call it great fun, especially the part where we hear drivers complain about the lack of parking at the mall or why the best place is near the entrance that empties into the Food Court. I've posted my review of City X on the Public Radio Exchange website.

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Anonymous said...

Todd, excellent, excellent show!