05 December 2006

Update on the Sunshine Hotel

On November 29, we aired a great piece on the Sunshine Hotel, one of the last flophouses in the SoHo neighborhood of New York. If you heard the show, and at the moment it's playing in the KFAI archives, you met Fat Anthony, a fellow so big he only wears a bedsheet. That documentary was recorded in 1998. Three years later, hotel manager Nathan Smith wrote producer David Isay with an update. "Fast coming are the days when all of this well be no more than a chapter in someone's book of memories of days gone by," writes Smith. There's also a link to Smith's actual letter.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating update. I love the look of the handwritten letter on yellow paper. Thanks so much for including it. And keep up the good work, LL-lover!

Todd Melby said...

Yes, the handwritten letter brings it alive. We need more of that in the digital age!