30 October 2006

Third Coast Winners

What timing! I attended the Third Coast International Audio Festival on Oct. 25-27 in Chicago. "My Lobotomy," by Piya Kochhar and David Isay of Sound Portraits won the Gold for Best Documentary of 2006. That documentary airs Wednesday on the Listening Lounge. It's really quite amazing. Howard Dully, a bus driver from California, was lobotomized at age 12 and is the subject of the story. He accepted the honor with Piya. Congratulations.


Howard D said...

Hey thats me in front of my house upstairs the bedroom I lived in

Todd Melby said...

Thanks for the comment, Howard. And doubly thanks for sharing your story with listeners on KFAI and around the world. (I should have posted my comment earlier, but I'm not really used to this blog comment thing yet.)