19 July 2006

Offbeat Environmental Stories from the GLRC - Aired 26 July 2006

Many radio and print stories on environmental issues are tough to relate to for nonscientists. (And that includes me, I worked my butt off just to get a C in a college course called "Physics for Poets.") This show features stories from GLRC, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium that are far from typical. Reporter Rebecca Williams ponders a question many of us have faced: How Long Do You Keep a Polluting Heap? In this story, we ride along with Rebecca as mechanics and other experts tell her about all the environmental damage her piece-of-crap rust bucket is inflicting on the environment. This show also includes Prairie Burn Audio Postcard, a great aural experience produced by Mark Brush. GLRC does a lot of great work. If you want to track environmental issues on a regular basis, listen to their stories. A list of stations can be found here.

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