18 July 2006

The House of Pain: Aired July 19

If you've ever driven through Chicago's South Side on the Dan Ryan Expressway, you've seen the towers. The high-rise public housing that dominates neighborhoods and imprisons people. What's it like to live there? This documentary takes you there. Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister of Long Haul Productions produced this piece, which won an Edward R. Murrow award a few years ago. The story is narrated by a man who lives there. His name is Andre Williams. When you listen to his story, you'll get closer to the people who lived in the place that gangbangers call The House of Pain, also known as Stateway Gardens. This piece originally aired in 2002. One year later, the producers returned to Stateway to find out what happened to people forced to leave. That doc is called Movin' Out the Bricks and also originally aired on Chicago Public Radio.

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