16 June 2006

Shy, Undocumented and Angry>Aired 21 June 2006

With this show, we focused on teen angst. We started with Hillary Frank's In a Bubble. In this moving piece, she records thoughts that are rarely spoken by asking questions of the introverted. These quiet voices shine in Frank's story. Then we move to Legal Status by Veralyn Williams, a Radio Rookie from WYNC. She uncovers, with little help from her parents, what she can and can't do as an immigrant from Sierra Leone. The show ends with a harrowing piece from another Radio Rookie at WNYC: Derrick Hewitt (pictured). In Aggression, we quickly learn how difficult it is for 14-year-old Derrick to control his rage. We hear him interview his little brother about fights. However, the interview turns into a beating as Derrick bangs his brother with the microphone. It's painful to hear.

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