28 March 2006

Reflections on Return > Aired 29 March 2006

Welcome to a special KFAI pledge drive edition of Listening Lounge. We are pleased to air selections from Reflections on Return. An Iraqi war veteran struggles to adjust to life in the United States again. American troops reflect on the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison. And three African-American soilders tell their stories of the Iraq war. Reflections on Return is a Youth Radio project.

Taming the Snake > Aired 22 March 2006

Heroin addicts often bring to mind images of disheveled homeless people littering city parks and doorways. The truth is that intravenous drug use and heroin addiction is everywhere. Taming the Snake is an Edward R. Murrow award-winning documentary.

19 March 2006

True Story of St. Patrick > Aired 15 Mar 2006

Spend St. Patrick's Day boozing in Butte, Montana and you might think it's a good idea to explore empty buildings at night. Listen to the "True Story of St. Patrick" --- a tale of drinking, adventure and incarceration ---- on the Listening Lounge.