13 February 2006

Black History Month: Race > Aired 15 Feb 2006

We go back to (((Hearing Voices))) this week for a special Black History Month program. The Plan - Race contains the following four pieces: *Living Flag- In her street performance, "living flag," artist damali ayo collects reparations for the enslavement of African Americans by panhandling from white people and distributing the payments to black people. Her stage is a busy city sidewalk corner anywhere in the U.S.. damali ayo presents the images and text of her performance art piece and teamed up with Producer Dmae Roberts to document this audio of the street. Stoplight Politics is a poem from Ruth Forman who won the Barnard Poetry Prize in 1993. *Jeff, Hafrican- As part of the series, Teenage Diaries, producer Joe Richman gave tape recorders to teenagers to document their lives: Jeff Rodgers is sixteen, and lives with his family in Boston. More and more these days he finds himself thinking about race and being forced to answer the question "What are you?" This is his radio diary. *A Prohibition- Three Carleton College (Chicago) students reflect on what it means to be "Black".

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