18 January 2006

Mongolia Exchanges > Aired 18 Jan 2006

We dug deep and pulled together three documentaries describing cultural exchanges between Mongolia and the US. Exchanges between cowboy musicians, healers and radio stations.
From Sagebrush to Steppe produced by Hal Cannon of the Western Folklife Center In September 2005, a group of American cowboys traveled to Mongolia for a musical exchange.
Shamans by Allan Coukell introduces us to two shamans: one living a traditional life among the reindeer herders, one with a tent 'clinic' in the capital city. It also tells how a bunch of westerners set off on a foolish errand to save a couple of poisoned kids.
Finally, Massachusetts/Mongolia Sister Project from Jay Allison and Viki Merrick of Atlantic Public Media and WCAI/WNAN. A public radio station in Massachusetts pioneered a unique radio exchange with Gobi Wave, a Developing Radio Partners -supported station in Mongolia. We love the idea of exchanging local, everyday sounds across so many miles, something that ties two places together in the minds of each station's listeners. What a creative use of the possibilities new technology lays open to us. You may notice that the story we aired and all these links point to the very beginnings of this exchange, and imply there is much "more to come". Unfortunately, LL has learned that the post-script to this story reminds us that technology's limitations sometimes trump its potential. The sister station project was scuttled when Gobi Wave's computer servers failed to live up to the new demands placed on them.

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