21 December 2005

Orthodox Christmas / Local Work > Aired 21 Dec 2005

This week we bring you two locally-produced documentaries and a story about Serbian Christmas traditions:
"A Bosnian Christmas Carol" produced by Jonathan Groubert of Radio Netherlands. Jonathan (who you may remember from From Brooklyn to Banja Luka, which we aired earlier this year) follows his Bosnian in-laws up a mountain to take part in a Serbian Orthodox tradition. Much revelry and a heart-wrenching moment ensue.
Next, our monthly Listening Lounge Producers' Meeting bears fruit! "Home Sweet Home" produced by Erin Christman, takes us through a landmark art exhibit created by members of the homeless community. "Tree Lot" produced by Ahndi Fridell and Amanda Cross. A sweet documentary about a long-running local Christmas tradition. Ahndi and Amanda explore the tree lot on Snelling and Selby in Saint Paul. Erin, Ahndi and Amanda are all dedicated KFAI volunteers. Want to know how you can volunteer?

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