06 December 2005

Lennon > Aired 07 Dec 2005

In honor of the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death (08 Dec 1980), Listening Lounge devotes this week's half-hour to "John Ono Lennon" a (((Hearing Voices))) Radio Special. The program features an audio essay by host Lynn Neary with plenty of tape from live Beatles performances and 1963-64 fanclub Christmas messages, and "All We Are Saying" by Barrett Golding - Lennon in his own words and music (interviews, albums, outtakes, antics and poetics) talks about peace, family, and art.

Those of you who tuned in today (or are listening in the archives) will note the run-in that occurred with the ol' Marantz CD player. It seems to have a special dislike for Hearing Voices CDs. Thank goodness there were Balloon Hats to the rescue! We finished out the show with the "Balloon Hat Experience", produced by Scott Gurian

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Pinky said...

I love the Balloon Hats piece that came to the rescue yesterday. Oddly enough, I heard another piece about the Balloon Hat Man later that night, on PRI's "The World." What synchronicity!