05 December 2005

American Exceptionalism > Aired 30 Nov 2005

This week on the program: Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything. Like its scientific namesake – the radio program called the Theory of Everything attempts to unify it all: the news, conspiracy theory, fiction, story-telling, drama, and intimate telephone conversations. Every week Host Benjamen Walker explores our world that, today more than ever, seems both real and unreal.

Listening Lounge scoured the archives and decided to air TOE's American Exceptionalism Over the half-hour, TOE's Chris Beck reports on a "recess appointment party", Howard Zinn tells us that American Exceptionalism is a Myth, Dennis Madalone sings us an exceptional new American Anthem - and Benjamen Walker checks out the right wing blogosphere and comes up EMPTY.

Thanks to all the listeners who phoned in to the KFAI studio to offer their feedback on this program (largely positive but with some well-aimed criticism)!

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