12 March 2019

WHER - Airs March 13th

WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts by the Kitchen Sisters
The first all-girl radio station in the nation went on the air in Memphis on October 29, 1955. It was the brainchild of sound legend Sam Phillips, who created the groundbreaking format with money he raised from selling Elvis Presley's Sun Studios contract. Women ran WHER; on the air they read the news, interviewed local celebrities, and spun popular records. Behind the scenes they sold and created commercials, produced and directed programming, and sat at the station's control boards. Tune-in and celebrate Women's History Month with us.

01 March 2019

Mayda + PaviElle - Airs March 6th

Mayda Live from Minnesota
A prolific musician and artist who was born in Korea, Mayda is practically a force of nature. Creating a sound both raw and exciting, she blasts her unique MRDR PXP music in this recent performance. It was recorded by Ryan Mach; mixed and produced by Tom Garneau for MinneCulture. Mayda's band included Miho Takayama on bass, Peter Suttman on drums, Danny Solano on guitar, Kyle Borchert on trumpet, and Trevor Peterson on saxophone. She has an upcoming show at Icehouse with PaviElle. Also, keep your eyes out for her in Theater Latte Da's production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch as the bassist.

PaviElle Live from Minnesota
PaviElle brings her own special brand of Neo-Soul to the stage in this performance at the historic Sheldon Theatre in Red Wing, Minnesota. The show was part of the Minnesota Music Coalition's Caravan du Nord and highlights songs from her Fear Not album. PaviElle French, Ahanti Young, and Tiyo Siyolo are heard on vocals with Ahanti Young also on djembe, Ted Godbout on keyboards, Cody McKinney on bass, and Nick Dodd on drums. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Garneau for Minneculture. Her performance of "Sometimes You Wanna Be" was featured on KFAI's new Live from Minnesota Mixtape cassette.

27 February 2019

Malaga Island - Airs Feb 27th

Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold by Rob Rosenthal
In 1912, the state of Maine evicted a mixed-race community of about forty-five people from Malaga Island. It was an act of racism, eugenics, and political retribution. Eight islanders were committed to the Maine School for the Feeble-Minded. The rest managed as best they could. The state moved the island school to another island. Then they dug up the graves and reburied the remains in the graveyard at the Maine School. The Malaga community was erased. For generations, descendants feared to speak about what happened to their families because of the local stigma of mixed-blood and feeble-mindedness. Others would rather forget the incident altogether - a story best left untold, some say. But here is that story.

17 February 2019

King Stories - Airs Feb 20th

King Stories by Dorothy Green Alcorn
Notably one of the most significant Americans in the 20th Century, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is an iconic figure. But what made the man? King Stories offers snapshots into his personality and character by sharing rarely documented stories about the personal and private sides of Dr. King, told by close friends and associates. We begin with Dr. King’s precocious teenage years followed by close-ups of behind the scenes accounts of day-to-day life on the road marching and protesting for American black civil rights. We hear a moving account of Dr. King’s last conversation just minutes before he was struck down by a sniper’s bullet, and the disclosures of the investigation into his murder.

11 February 2019

The Poetic Voice - Airs Feb 13th

The Poetic Voice from Various Artists
This Saint Valentine's Eve we'll be listening to the romantic musings of the spoken poetic voice. Our focus will be on four performers. Getting off to a bumpy start, we're foolishly choosing to feature several selections from Jayne Mansfield's 1964 album Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky and Me which is moderately dreadful. Then, if you haven't already turned off the radio, the torch will be lit and you rewarded (?) with a quiet blend of soft music, nostalgic lyrics, and tranquil patter from the all-night radio giant Franklyn MacCormack with the Russ Garcia Orchestra recorded in 1958. You'll also be treated to some original "Passions in Prose" from Mary Lee Fair, host of the radio program "Lovingly Yours, Laura" with harp and trumpet accompaniment. Finally, my darling, we'll be paid a visit from Renzo Cesana. Yes, the Continental himself, who begs the question, "Would you like another glass of champagne?"

06 February 2019

Pornonono + Les Exodus - Airs Feb 6th

Pornonono Live from Minnesota
In this live performance at Icehouse in Minneapolis, Pornonono deliver their blend of beats, synths, and guitars -- producing a smooth pop and R'n'B sound that's laced with a sexy edge. Recorded on May 29, 2015 for KFAI's Minneculture by Daniel Zamzow, with special thanks to engineer Jay Perlman.

Les Exodus Live from Minnesota

Performing locally and nationally for over 30 years, Les Exodus remains one of the Twin Cities' finest reggae bands. Les Exodus features Charles "Chilly" Petrus on keyboards, Lance Colmer on drums, Andy "Shoffman" Mark on bass with the charismatic vocals of Prince Jabba and Lynval Jackson perfectly complementing the trio's high-energy. Recorded in 2013 at the dearly missed Blue Nile Restaurant in Minneapolis' Seward neighborhood by Daniel Zamzow for Minneculture.

29 January 2019

Cory Wong Quartet + Dakota Valley Symphony - Airs Jan 30th

Dakota Valley Symphony Live from Minnesota
Since 1986, the Dakota Valley Symphony has performed in parks, churches, and other public spaces throughout the south metro area. The organization was created to provide opportunities for skilled volunteer musicians to perform a diverse range of music. It is comprised of a 60-member orchestra, a 40-member mixed chorus, plus a 90-member Summer Pops orchestra and chorus -- all under the direction of Stephen J. Ramsey. This concert was recorded for MinneCulture in the summer of 2013 by Daniel Zamzow.

Cory Wong Quartet Live from Minnesota
We'll also hear a concert from 2012 of Minneapolis-based multi-instrumentalist Cory Wong performing at the space formerly known as the Artists' Quarter in downtown St. Paul. Joining him on stage are Kevin Gastonguay, Andy Schuster, and Zach Schmid. Wong is presently on tour and will be making a stop to showcase his funky groove in Minneapolis at the Fine Line on Feb 9th. Produced by Ryan Benyo for MinneCulture.