15 January 2019

Willie Murphy - Airs Jan 16th

Willie Murphy on The Live Feed 
Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame musician Willie Murphy loved making people dance with his eclectic and funky sound. In an interview with Teri Tenseth, we learn what Willie hoped people would take away from his music, what he could be like to tour with, and hear some hard lessons he learned along the way. We'll also get to enjoy him performing live at the Masonic Temple in Winona during Mid West Music Fest 2013The program was recorded for KQAL's "The Live Feed."
KQAL is a sister-station of KFAI which has been serving the Winona area for over 34 years. They play classical, jazz, and rock, alongside a healthy dose of educational and public affairs programs. It is operated by the Mass Communication Department at Winona State University and is staffed primarily by student volunteers. The Live Feed is a twice-weekly show featuring local live music and discussion.

08 January 2019

Amanda Standalone + Africans in the Snow - Airs Jan 9th

Amanda Standalone Live from Minnesota
Award-winning singer-songwriter Amanda Standalone is rooted in American folk music traditions. She shares her stories through songs played on her acoustic guitar, banjo, or even a washtub bass. This concert was recorded on September 19, 2015 by Daniel Zamzow at the "Party in the Prairie" celebration hosted by the Richardson Nature Center in Bloomington.

Africans in the Snow from Minneculture
A performance organized and hosted by Ms. Kenna at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis. Recorded by Daniel Zamzow on June 1, 2012. This independently produced show featured spoken word, live music, dance, and more, with a focus on the African diaspora. The theme "Africans in the Snow" comes from a poem by Louis Alemayehu, who was inspired by a photograph of two Somali women in a snowy Minneapolis parking lot.

01 January 2019

Jelloslave + Michael Yonkers - Airs Jan 2nd

Jelloslave Live from Minnesota
Powered by an eclectic mix of cellos and percussion, Jelloslave paints vivid soundscapes which crisscross cultures and musical styles. Jelloslave features Jacqueline Ultan and Michelle Kinney on cello, GregSchutte on drums, and Gary Waryan on tablas. Recorded live on June 21, 2018 at Spring Cafe at Como Lakeside Pavilion in St. Paul. Produced by Tom Garneau for MinneCulture. Prior to listening to this performance, we'll hear an audio story from KFAI's Nikki Tundel about the origin of Jelloslave and their music-making process.

Michael Yonkers Live from Minnesota
A very rare live performance by groundbreaking Minneapolis garage-surf-noise music pioneer Michael Yonkers. His highly experimental 60s recordings have earned him a cult following and were later re-released by the Sub Pop, Drag City, Get Hip, and De Stijl record labels. Playing a modified guitar with homemade effects, Yonkers creates a wall of distorted sound adding his ragged beat poetry vocals. Recorded by Tom Garneau on February 7, 2015 at the Turf Club in St. Paul. We'll also hear and interview by KFAI's Cyn Collins with this legendary performer about his work.

21 December 2018

Cops and Cowboys Christmas - Airs Dec 26th

.22 Rifle for Christmas from Dragnet
Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocentDetective Sergeant Joseph "Joe" Friday and Officer Frank Smith search for a missing boy. The first sign that the case is serious is when blood is found. Further probing reveals the boy's parents had purchased him a .22-caliber rifle for Christmas -- and the weapon is missing, removed from its wrapped package. Starring Jack Webb and originally broadcast December 22nd, 1949. 

Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol from The Six Shooter

The man in the saddle is angular and long-legged. His skin is sun-dyed brown. The gun in his holster is gray steel and rainbow mother-of-pearl, its handle unmarked. People call them both "the Six Shooter." In this episode, Britt Ponset meets a young boy who has run away from home and who seems to be lacking the holiday spirit. To cheer the lad, Ponset tells him a Wild-Wild-Westernized version of Charles Dicken’s immortal holiday ghost story, A Christmas Carol. Starring James Stewart. First aired on December 20th, 1953. 

19 December 2018

MinneCulture Podcast - Airs Dec 19th

Ep. 15: Faith and Dalmar from the MinneCulture Podcast
Somalia is known as a nation of poets. In this episode, we explore Somali spoken word poetry with Nimo Farah, Ahmed Assad, Ayan Mahamud and Ladan Osman. We also listen to the music of Dalmar Yare, a popular Somali musician. The MinneCulture podcast is hosted by Jumondeh Tweh and produced by Xan Holston, Todd Melby, and Nancy Rosenbaum. Theme music by Javier Santiago. Support is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Ep. 16: Winter Special from the MinneCulture Podcast
It wouldn’t be a Minnesota podcast if we didn’t take you outside -- and into the cold! We'll meet rabid Minnesota Wild fans and anglers who don’t let a little ice get in their way. The MinneCulture crew bundles up and hits the ice to tell the unfrozen stories of the cold, bold North.
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11 December 2018

Live from Minnesota Mixtape: Side B - Airs Dec 12th

Live from Minnesota Mixtape: Side B from MinneCulture 
This week, we're flipping the tape and hitting play on the boombox again. You'll hear eight great tracks recorded live by The Suburbs, Chastity Brown, Charlie Parr, Davina and the Vagabonds, PaviElle, Liminal Phase, The Honeydogs, and Dalmar Yare with Bob's Band. Each track drawn from the Live from Minnesota concerts which KFAI has been broadcasting for nearly a decade. And yes, this is a real, physical cassette-only release which you can snag for yourself with a mere 5 bucks. Find them for sale at Hymie's Vintage Records, Mill City Sound, Down in the Valley, Dead Media, Solid Sate, Cheapo, and the Electric Fetus. Also, good news if you're beyond the Minnesota border -- the Electric Fetus is taking on-line orders (score free shipping at $25. Hey, 5 tapes will get you there real easy!) All proceeds go to benefit KFAI.
Lastly, be sure to come celebrate with us this Saturday at St. Paul's legendary Turf ClubThere will be performances by Jayanthi Kyle of Gospel Machine, See More Perspective, and Pornonono. Admission is free with a $10 suggested donation to KFAI. Doors at 7pm ~ Music at 8. See you there.

05 December 2018

Live from Minnesota Mixtape: Side A - Airs Dec 5th

Live from Minnesota Mixtape: Side A from MinneCulture 
We made you a mixtape. And you bet, this week on the show, we're going to be playing Side A of it in-full on the radio. Hope you like it. You'll hear ten tracks recorded live by The Jayhawks, Bad Bad Hats, Mason Jennings, Barbara Jean, Gospel Machine, Pornonono, See More Perspective, Kitten Forever, and Caroline Smith. Not bad, eh? It's pretty great even.
Then tomorrow night, Dec 6th, actually sees the release of this honest to goodness physical cassette, dontcha knowCome join KFAI in the celebration with a performance by PaviElle at the Electric Fetus in Mpls at 7pm!