20 November 2015

Mind Over Marketing - Airs Nov 25th

Mind Over Marketing by Michele Ernsting
From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, we are bombarded by advertisements carefully designed to seduce our senses. This 24-hour marketing culture permeates all areas of our lives. But is there a way to protect ourselves from this onslaught? This program offers some unusual solutions from three very different experts: Theo Poiesz is a professor of marketing at university of Tilberg in the Netherlands, Dr. Susan Blackmore is the author of “Consciousness, an Introduction” and Patricia Ramaer who is a modern day shaman that teaches meditation.

18 November 2015

Noise, Pt. 10 - Airs Nov 18th

Revolution and War from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
In Paris 1789, politics moves out of the palaces and into the streets... as the hushed voice of court diplomacy gives way to the angry howls of the crowd. Professor David Hendy of the University of Sussex introduces the noises of revolutionary Paris, before traveling to the USA to explain how an 'acoustic shadow' helped the Confederate forces launch a surprise attack during the American Civil War. Plus, the eerie soundof the 'rebel yell.'

The Conquering Engines from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
Henry David Thoreau is one of his history’s great listeners. His classic work ‘Walden’ is dense with descriptions of the natural sounds he discovered when he swapped his Concord home for a simple cabin in the woods. But his peace was disturbed by a penetrating noise that presaged the age to come: the snort of the iron horse. Professor Hendy explains how the sounds of nature gave way before the coming of the industrial din.

06 November 2015

Messages from a Forgotten Troopship - Airs Nov 11th

Messages from a Forgotten Troopship by Kelley Libby and Allison Quantz
In the 1960s, it took almost three weeks to cross the sea from America to Vietnam. Three weeks for young men in crowded cabins, with salt water showers and absolutely nothing to do but think: about home, about the war, and about what’s next. For some, it was a roundtrip journey; others never made it home. We'll hear three stories from and about soldiers who all traveled on a single troopship, the General Nelson M. Walker. Through found tape and contemporary interviews, we recreate the troopship and capture the moments outside of combat - three weeks there, and for the lucky ones, three weeks back.
Produced with help from the Vietnam Graffiti Project for With Good Reason.

04 November 2015

Riot Grrrl Revolution - Airs Nov. 4

Bikini Kill. Sleater-Kinney. We celebrate the Riot Grrrrl movement with stories featuring Kathleen Hanna, critic Greil Marcus' celebration of Bikini Kill and one gay boy's personal tale of how Riot Grrrls saved his life. Oh, and guess what else? We've got tickets to the upcoming Sound Unseen festival feature Revolution, Riot Grrrl Style. It screens Nov. 15 at Bryant Lake Bowl.

27 October 2015

Monsters I've Met - Airs Oct 28th

The Hand of Fate from Tales of the Frightened
Boris Karloff recites us a spooky tale from mystery writer Michael Avallone. Recorded in 1963.

A Cold Freezin' Night by Katie Mingle
Was it just a dream? The story of a chance meeting with "the enigmatic man."

Why We Tell Ghost Stories by Michael Kraskin
David Terry of UNC-Chapel Hill describes the narrative structure of ghost stories and why we are drawn to them.

True Vampires by Eric Molinsky
Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries – there seems to be no end to the vampire craze. But the existence of real vampires isn’t so glamorous. Actual vampires are nothing like the ones we see depicted in movies like Dracula. In fact, most of them are just trying to get by.

Melaina Hates Clowns from Columbia College Radio
Some scary things are fun, others can be kinda disturbing, and then there's terrifying clowns. For student producer Melaina de la Cruz, facing her coulrophobia was one of the hardest, bravest things she's ever done. Perhaps the best place to start isn't "The Clown Room" at a haunted house though. 

Chloe Loves Horror Movies by Katy Sewall
Chloe loves watching horror movies. The catch: She's only four years old. How does her father feel about that? Very, very proud. Does that make him a bad parent? You'll have to judge for yourself.

Monsters I've Met by Shel Silverstein
Mr. Silverstein tells us about his encounters with ghouls, witches, and devils. Published in the 1981 anthology A Light in the AtticPoem read by the author in 1985.

21 October 2015

Double Feature: Night Frights - Also Airs Oct 21st

Night Frights from Vox Humana
It’s the middle of the night. You wake up with a start. There’s a presence in the room -- watching you. You sense that it is evil. But you are paralyzed and powerless. It’s your worst nightmare. Is there help? Producer Michele Ernsting explores the strange and surprisingly common condition of sleep paralysis with Dr. Al Cheyne, a leading expert on the subject and several victims of “night frights." 
KFAI will be broadcasting this double dose of the Listening Lounge in lieu of Art Matters this evening. Night Frights will air at 7pm.Painting: The Nightmare (1781) by Henry Fuseli.

19 October 2015

Murder at Midnight - Airs Oct 21st

Murder Is a Lonely Business from Murder at Midnight
A study of crime by a difficult duet written by William Norwood. Originally broadcast December 16th, 1946 on the Mutual Network. This episode stars Helen Shields, Wendell Holmes, & Carl Emery. It was directed by Anton M. Leder, hosted by Raymond Morgan, and features the effective creepy organ stylings of Charles Paul.
"Midnight, the witching hour when the night is darkest, our fears the strongest, and our strength at its lowest ebb. Midnight, when the graves gape open and death strikes."