17 July 2018

Malamanya + Communist Daughter - Airs July 18th

Communist Daughter Live from Minnesota
We're going to reach deep in to the vast and rich MinneCulture vault for tonight's program! First, Husband and wife duo, Johnny Solomon and Molly Moore, bring their basement melodies to light with the help of their friends and bandmates. Here's your chance to hear how the gracefully dark indie rock group sounded in front of a live audience all the way back in 2010. Recorded for KFAI's MinneCulture by Daniel Zamzow. (Photo by @visual.michael)

Malamanya Live from Minnesota
Blending original songwriting with traditional rhythms and melodies of Cuba, Central and South America, Malamanya are able to create a classic sound all their own. Their acoustic-driven dance rhythms celebrate salsa and samba, while drawing on organic forms of the past. Produced for KFAI by Daniel Zamzow and recorded live at the Cedar Cultural Center in 2012.

11 July 2018

CB & KF + OCQ - Airs July 11th

Chris Bruhn and Kyle Fosburgh from Live from Minnesota
Performing at the Warming House in Minneapolis, Christoph Bruhn and Kyle Fosburgh showcase their original blend of folk and Americana styles. You'll hear a variety of guitar picking techniques as these songwriting composers trading tunes throughout the performance. KFAI's Daniel Zamzow produced the show, which includes interviews with the performers as well as Brianna Lane, manager of the Warming House.

Other Country Quartet from The World Live!
How would you like to travel around the world and never leave Minnesota? The James J. Hill Center and KFAI teamed up to help you do just that. This recording of "The World Live!" concert series features Other Country Quartet, a group that offers an eclectic mix of styles on traditional Middle Eastern acoustic instruments. Other Country Quartet features David Stenshoel, Scott Nieman, Greg Herriges, and Stephen Spaise. KFAI's Tom Garneau produced and mixed this concert.

03 July 2018

The Pines - Airs July 4th

The Pines are Live from Minnesota
The Pines are deeply connected to their American folk music roots. While their songs revolve around fictional stories and an acoustic guitar, this touring trio from Minneapolis includes more modern textures that lend a cinematic quality to their sound. Hear the band in their own words throughout this one-hour presentation of The Pines live at the Cedar Cultural Center. Recorded for Minneculture by Tom Garneau and produced by Daniel Zamzow.

27 June 2018

Season Two! - Airs June 27th

Episode 9: Love Stories from The MinneCulture Podcast
When is love an art form in and of itself? Like art, true love comes in many forms. A Congolese couple, separated by the ocean, sing to each other over the phone to stay connected. An all-grrrl punk band sing through a telephone (repurposed as a microphone) to the community that supports them. Corrie Harrigan, Laura Larson, and Liz Elton comprise Kitten Forever. The three-piece punk band blazes minimalist dance punk in their underwear, swap instrument duties, and love each other.

Episode 10: Dress Codes from The MinneCulture Podcast
Why do people dress a certain way? What does dress say about who we are, and what connects us? People pick their uniforms for various reasons, but often it’s to fit in. For the Minnesota Dandies - a group of sharply dressed black men - it means dressing for success and respect. For one Minnesotan woman during the Civil War, it meant disguising herself as men in order to serve her country. Host Jumondeh Tweh looks at why uniforms matter and what it says about how we express ourselves.

Episode 11: All Eyez on Andrew Moore from The MinneCulture Podcast
Andrew Moore is a Minneapolis artist who created a giant political sculpture in his front yard. Some of his neighbors complained about it. The city of Minneapolis fined Moore for a variety of code violations, and he eventually lost his home. Today, he's making new art - out of his clothes. Just like the rapper Tupac Shakur, when Moore walks down the street, his outfits say: "All Eyez on Me." The MinneCulture podcast is produced by Xan Holston, Todd Melby, and Nancy Rosenbaum with theme music by Javier Santiago. Support is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
Find the MinneCulture Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.

20 June 2018

Pride Youth Radio - Airs June 20th

Pride outLoud from Youth Radio
The youth producers of outLoud Radio bring us an hour of stories about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and otherwise non-straight life. We'll hear stories on LGBT topics from awkward Sex Education, exemplar vampires, coming out, and what happens when you're transgender and want to play sports.
The outLoud Radio Project gives voice to youth who are otherwise silenced because of who they love or their gender they claim. It's young people of diverse genders and sexualities using the media to explore the issues that affect their lives. It's getting the word out, because understanding is essential. It's young people taking control of how their lives are represented.

12 June 2018

The View from Room 205 - Airs June 13th

The View from Room 205 by Linda Lutton
This one-hour documentary takes an unflinching look at the intersection of poverty and education in our country. It tells the story of a fourth grade classroom at William Penn Elementary, a public school in one of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods, North Lawndale on Chicago’s West Side. The piece weaves together human stories in the school, from the children to their teacher to the principal, and pulls back to explain the big picture. It looks at poverty’s hold on school achievement and explores the unintended consequences of a core belief driving school reform today – that poverty is no excuse for low achievement. Peabody Award-winning reporter Linda Lutton of WBEZ Chicago spent months reporting from Penn and the neighborhood around the school. Her work tackles fundamental questions about how we educate poor children, and whether schools can actually overcome poverty. It documents - often painfully - how we struggle and fail to lift poverty’s burdens off children. It is an hour that is personal, up-close, story-driven, and of far-reaching national importance.

06 June 2018

Nooky Jones + Caroline Smith - Airs June 6th

Nooky Jones Live from Minnesota
Looking for some funky, fresh sexy soul? Then you ought to hear Nooky Jones' recent set at Icehouse in Minneapolis. Joining Cameron Kinghorn's vocals are Adam Meckler on trumpet, Scott Agster plays trombone, Kevin Gastonguay on keys, Andrew Foreman on bass, and Reid Kennedy banging drums. Recorded by Jay Perlman and Ryan Mach. KFAI's Tom Garneau mixed and produced the concert.

Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps Live from Minnesota
Merging neo-soul with her indie-rock roots, Caroline Smith has got everything here that we could ever need. Joining the Detroit Lakes native in this performance are The Goodnight Sleeps featuring Jesse Schuster, Arlen Peiffer, David Earl, Garrett NealMina Moore, Hannah von der Hoff, and Lizzo. Recorded live in 2014 at the Masonic Temple in Winona during Midwest Music Fest by Tom Garneau for Minneculture.