19 September 2018

More from the MinneCulture Podcast - Airs Sept 19th

Ep. 12: Siama and Charanga by MinneCulture
How has immigration, migration, and connection to the rest of the world shaped the sights and sounds of Minnesota? Meet Siama Matuzungidi, a Congolese soukous musician. He moved to Minnesota in the late 90s after having a prosperous career in Congo, Uganda, and Kenya. His life and music flow like his native Congo River, and today, the Mighty Mississippi. Doug Little and his band Charanga Tropical bring the traditional music of Cuba to Minnesota. Charanga orchestras are mainly popular in Florida, New York, and California -- but Minnesota is home to one of the only Charanga orchestras in country.

Ep. 13: Breaking the Mold by MinneCulture
A hard-boiled lesbian detective breaks through the lavender ceiling, a Sudanese model refuses to conform her complexion to fit in, and an Ojibwe rapper wants to be the spark that ignites the fire in his people. Nyakim Gatwech is the "queen of dark," a Sudanese model and Instagram star in Minnesota with unapologetically dark skin. We'll also meet Ellen Hart the author of a series of mystery novels about lesbian detective Jane Lawless. And Baby Shel, from the Red Lake Reservation, doesn’t care if he becomes the most popular rapper in the world -- he just wants to open the door for people like him.

Ep. 14: Twin Cities Landmarks by MinneCulture
Forget the Spoonbridge and Cherry -- these are landmarks that have secrets to tell, even when they’re gone. In this episode, we explore one that fell to the forces of urban renewal; one that closed because of the owner’s health issues; and one that is stuck between a rock and a hard place of history and gentrification. Host Jumondeh Tweh checks out Minneapolis’ nearly forgotten Skid Row, the recent loss of Arnellia's, and Al's Breakfast, a Twin Cities landmark withstanding the test of time.

You can hear more stories from Minneculture at their Soundcloud page and download the Minneculture podcast in iTunes and Stitcher.

11 September 2018

Davina and the Vagabonds + Gospel Machine - Airs Sept 12th

Davina and the Vagabonds Live from Minnesota
Singer Davina Sowers showcases her formidable growl and velvety purr to a delighted audience at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis on May 10, 2014. Known on the national blues scene for their high-energy live shows, Davina and the Vagabonds' success comes from a combination of their snappy original songwriting, sharp-dressed professionalism, and Davina's commanding stage presence. These sassy vocals and tight horn arrangements were recorded by Tom Garneau for KFAI's Minneculture.

Gospel Machine Live from Minnesota
Paying homage to the soul and rhythm and blues sounds of the 1960s, Gospel Machine calls their style "garage gospel." It is a sound that rocks, swings, and grooves. In addition, this brilliant performance at Icehouse in Minneapolis, also features guest appearances by members of the Brass Messengers. Gospel Machine is Jayanthi Kyle on lead vocals, Wes Burdine on guitar, Jimmy Osterholt on bass, David Osborn on drums, and Scott Munson on keyboard. Recorded on December 11, 2015 by Kevin Scott. Mixed and Produced by Tom Garneau.

05 September 2018

The View from Room 205 - Airs Sept 5th

The View from Room 205 by Linda Lutton
This one-hour documentary takes an unflinching look at the intersection of poverty and education in our country. It tells the story of a fourth grade classroom at William Penn Elementary, a public school in one of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods, North Lawndale on Chicago’s West Side. The piece weaves together human stories in the school, from the children to their teacher to the principal, and pulls back to explain the big picture. It looks at poverty’s hold on school achievement and explores the unintended consequences of a core belief driving school reform today – that poverty is no excuse for low achievement. Peabody Award-winning reporter Linda Lutton of WBEZ Chicago spent months reporting from Penn and the neighborhood around the school. Her work tackles fundamental questions about how we educate poor children, and whether schools can actually overcome poverty. It documents - often painfully - how we struggle and fail to lift poverty’s burdens off children. It is an hour that is personal, up-close, story-driven, and of far-reaching national importance.

27 August 2018

Radio Pocho! - Airs Aug 29th

Radio Pocho at the Minnesota State Fair
This week we are handing our time over to Miguel Vargas, Terrell LaMarr, y Brenda Azueta who will be busy "reclaiming roots thru musica" while BROADCASTING LIVE FROM THE FAIR! That's right, you'll be treated to an extra hour of KFAI's weekly installment featuring the best classic y contemporary Latinx artists. Be sure to drop on by and say hi! You can find the Radio Pocho crew at the Ampers booth at the north end of the Education Building. 

Ampers is a network of 18 independent community radio stations in Minnesota. Each station is locally managed and programmed by and for the local communities they serve. We're talkin' cool local indies like KFAI, Jazz88, KMOJ, and Radio K. But we are joined by many more great stations from greater Minnesota too. Several Ampers stations are broadcasting live at the booth during the Great Minnesota Get Together. So be sure to come back again. We all appreciate your support!

21 August 2018

The Birth of Pink Floyd - Airs Aug 22nd

Creation: The Early Years of Pink Floyd from Joyride Media
Pink Floyd experienced a lot of growing pains in its early years. Founding member and drummer Nick Mason walks us through the formation of the group and its steady evolution from 1965 to 1972. From the contributions and eventual firing of frontman Syd Barrett, to being banned by the BBC on its first single, to creating avant garde theater - there's a lot of history behind the band before it broke out worldwide with the smash album "Dark Side of the Moon." Craig Bailey of the radio series "Floydian Slip" hosts this one-hour music-heavy special documentary filled with funny stories and laden with rare recordings.

15 August 2018

Vacation Getaway Special - Airs Aug 15th

Vacation Getaway Special from The World Vision Report
Summer tourism with a twist is the theme this week. Just some of the spots we'll be visiting are: Nigeria, Sana'a, Shanghai, Rwanda, and Jamaica. In Nepal, we follow a street vendor who sells an exotic musical instruments. During the hour you'll also experience buying a camel, chewing khat, and eating the dish ackee and saltfish. We'll also hear a conscious discussion on “poverty tourism” -- tours through slums to see and experience how people live in much of the developing world.

07 August 2018

Albert Serra - Airs Aug 8th

Episode Six: Albert Serra from The Drunk Projectionist
Albert Serra, the highly opinionated director of "The Death of Louis XIV" reveals how he really feels about actors. He says, "In general, professional actors are quite stupid people. They are not very kind. They believe they are really important, but not so." Also in this conversation about filmmaking with The Drunk Projectionist's Todd Melby, he claims that he never looks through the lens of the camera -- Wait, WHAT?!? Serra explains, “My system is based on going against. When I shoot, I go against the script. When I do the post production, I go against the edit. It’s like purification."