22 May 2018

Buffalo Nation - Airs May 23rd

Buffalo Nation Pow Wow Hour Special from Radio Netherlands 
Producer Martha Hawley takes a look at aspects of Native American culture. First, the revival of the buffalo and then an exploration of the Pow Wow in this hour long documentary intended for her Dutch audience. The term "pow wow" originally referred to a gathering of revered spiritual leaders. In modern times however, pow wows are fabulous celebratory events. Explosions of music and dance that go on throughout the year all over North America. Both local pow wows and large inter-tribal gatherings can be positively hallucinatory, with hundreds of feathered and painted dancers mingling and jingling near the traditional arena. Porcupine, South Dakota, is a small town on Pine Ridge Reservation. Martha takes us there to meet the Oglala Lakota people who display their heritage with vigor. The drums they play are the heartbeat of their people - while the pow wow is open to other seekers on the road. We'll also learn of the work being done by both Native and Non-Native ranchers to restore the buffalo's once thriving herds. The challenge is to find common ground between cultural and commercial interests about this creature who is viewed as a sacred animal relative. 

Note: May is American Indian Month in Minnesota. To continue the festivities, next week the LL will be preempted for a 2-hour special presentation of Indigeneity Rising!

16 May 2018

Hark! - Airs May 16th

The Acoustic World of Elizabethan England from Battery Radio
Inspired by Bruce Smith's book, producers Chris Brookes, Paolo Pietropaolo, and Alan Hall set out to investigate an acoustic world of four centuries ago. They track down some ancient sounds that still exist and evoke others which have become extinct, to imagine the noises as once heard by Elizabethan ears. We'll also travel back to present time, where listeners are forced to consider our soundtrack of today and the noise pollution which now surrounds us at every moment.

09 May 2018

All Mom Radio - Airs May 9th

All Mom Radio from Hearing Voices
For Mother’s Day, we'll hear maternal tales from producers around the country hosted by Barrett Golding. First, "Travels with Mom" follows Larry Massett and his mother to the Tybee Island, Georgia of today and of the 1920′s, as recalled by Mrs. Massett. Writer Beverly Donofrio joins her mom for "Thursday Night Bingo," produced by Dave Isay of Sound Portraits. In Nancy Updike's "Mubarak and Margy," a gay man chooses to care for his mother, and to confront the "cure" his family plans for his homosexuality. Also, comedian Amy Borkowsky shares her hilarious phone "Messages from Mom."

26 April 2018

Aby Wolf + Maria Isa - Airs May 2nd

Aby Wolf Live from Minnesota
Although sometimes called Dessa's "secret weapon of harmony," Aby Wolf is a powerhouse in her own right. In this performance at the historic Sheldon Theatre in Red Wing, Wolf explores her rich back catalog alongside more recent work to create a powerful and tightly packaged electro-pop mix. This show was part of the Minnesota Music Coalition's Caravan du Nord. Produced, recorded and mixed by KFAI's Tom Garneau for MinneCulture.

Maria Isa and Los Nativos Live from Minnesota
Born and raised in the Twin Cities to NuyoRican parents, singer-songwriter Maria Isa celebrates her cultural diversity through music alongside political activism. Los Nativos formed in 1996 and was one of the original groups in Rhymesayers Entertainment. The St. Paul duo produce music with a conscious message, integrating hip-hop, jazz, and funk with tejano, mariachi, and salsa to deliver a style all their own. Producer Daniel Zamzow caught the acts performing on May 3rd, 2012 at Conga Latin Bistro for its annual Cinco de Mayo celebration.

19 April 2018

Prize Poetry - Airs April 25th

As I Have Gone Alone In There from Everything Is Stories
For National Poetry Month we'll learn about a man who has hidden a treasure and only given clues to where it may be found in his self-penned poetry and proseForrest Fenn is someone who makes his own adventure. After surviving cancer, this dealer of antique luxuries hid a chest filled with gold coins, gold dust, gold nuggets, rubies, and other riches said to be valued over one million dollars. Forrest is interviewed at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he shares memories of his childhood, experiences as fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, and what exactly made him want to create this strange puzzle prize. Local friends and treasure hunters also describe their encounters with Fenn and ideas of where the fortune may be found.

17 April 2018

Wised Up - Airs April 18th

A Wise Guy's Tale of Crime and Redemption from The Signal
We'll trace one man's journey into an underworld of organized crime, and his subsequent attempt to escape it. At one time in his life, Baltimorean Charlie Wilhelm was a loan shark, a drug dealer, and a bookmaker. He raked in ten thousand dollars a week, cash. But when he was ordered to murder two friends, he took himself (and all of his information) to the FBI. Wilhelm turned informant, wearing a wire and later testifying against his former partners in crime, putting them behind bars for years to come. Interviewed by Aaron Henkin, we'll meet Charlie and hear his reflections on crime, loyalty, and redemption. Wilhelm's book Wised Up: A Reformed Mobster's Confessional Memoir was just released as an updated Second Edition. 
"If we'd have just taken one small fraction of our brain and used it legitimately, God knows where we would have been today. We wouldn't have to worry about no police, no FBI agents. There wouldn't be any of this..." - Charlie Wilhelm

09 April 2018

Catching Up with the Minneculture Podcast - Airs April 11th

The Minneculture Podcast from KFAI 
Let's all listen to more episodes of the MinneCulture Podcast! We are going to air the last 4 installments from the bi-weekly series as they prepare to launch their second season. MinneCulture features the best arts, culture, and history reporting from KFAI. In these episodes, we'll cover demolition lawn mower derbys, mosquito control, vigilante bikers (as in bicyclists), both rogue potters and plate breakers, backyard chicken coops, plus the professional wrestling scene in Minnesota -- so hold on tight! Our show will feature work by independent producers: Britt Aamodt, Xan Holston, Graison Hensley ChapmanSophie Nikitasand Todd MelbyMinneCulture is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. You can hear more stories from MinneCulture at their Soundcloud page and download all of Series One of the MinneCulture podcast NOW on both iTunes and Stitcher.