20 September 2016

Dalmar Yare & Bob's Band - Airs Sept 21st

Dalmar Yare & Bob's Band recorded for Live from Minnesota
In this "Live from Minnesota" performance, Somali singer Dalmar Yare and Bob’s Band perform at the Cedar Cultural Center. The show concluded the 2016 Somali Week festival in Minneapolis. Both Dalmar and bandleader Bob Stacke spoke with KFAI producer Daniel Zamzow about their collaboration, the stories in their songs, and the dynamics of this one-of-a-kind band in the Twin Cities. The beginning of this program features their performance of the Somali national anthem.
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13 September 2016

Apocalypse Now? Pt. 2 - Airs Sept 14th

A Remade Man from Open Source
Our second episode in the series deals with the incredible pace with which gene-editing technology is progressing in labs across the globe. But there is also some fretting about what the unlocking of the genome might do. Hooray for ridding the world of malarial mosquitoes, reversing aging, maybe even rescuing the woolly mammoth from extinction -- but perhaps we'll be faced with a man-made superbug biopocalypse doomsday. Tomorrow’s biotechnology will have an almost unimaginable capacity to surprise but there may be Oppenheimers among the Edisons. This episode features Siddhartha Mukherjee, Harvard innovator George Church, philosopher Michael Sandel, and infectious-diseases researcher Pardis Sabeti.

05 September 2016

24 Hours - Airs Sept 7th

A Day in the Working Life from Bending Borders
We'll hear about twelve workers who might otherwise go unnoticed – including a stripper, deli waitress, bus driver, metal scrapper and bathroom attendant – they take us inside their places of work to show us what they do, why they do it, and what it takes to get through a shift.

His Name Is Lance from Minneculture
Some people get joy from making other people happy. Lance Wileman makes animal-shaped balloons at Minneapolis farmers markets. And boy, does that bring smiles and giggles to children. Even so, some parents haven't bothered to learn his name. Produced by Nancy Rosenbaum.

30 August 2016

Apocalypse Now? Pt. 1 - Airs Aug 31st

The Rise of the Machines from Open Source
It was a year of dread. A plague of degeneration, catastrophe, anger, fear, and killer robots was sweeping the globe. Well, not entirely -- but the panic about politics, economics, terrorism, and temperature is most certainly here. And there are indeed world-changing, life-threatening, real developments happening all around us. Hence, we are going to hear a 3 part series about the end of the world with futurists and scientists; beginning with a look into the future threat of AI and robotics.Christopher Lydon considers the rise and the meaning of intelligent machines -- from the deep-learning Alpha Go computer to autonomous cars. He asks guests Nicholson Baker, Elaine Scarry, Nick Bostrom, Anders Sandberg, Lord Martin Rees, Maria Bustillos, and Mark O’Connell the life-or-death question: Is the robot apocalypse already upon us?

19 August 2016

Live from Minnesota and the World Live - Airs Aug 24th

Chris Bruhn and Kyle Fosburgh from Live from Minnesota
Performing at the Warming House in Minneapolis, Christoph Bruhn and Kyle Fosburgh showcase their original blend of folk and Americana styles. You'll hear a variety of guitar picking techniques as these songwriting composers trading tunes throughout the performance. KFAI's Daniel Zamzow produced the show, which includes interviews with the performers as well as Brianna Lane, manager of the Warming House.

Other Country Quartet from The World Live!
How would you like to travel around the world and never leave Minnesota? The James J. Hill Center and KFAI teamed up to help you do just that. This recording of "The World Live!" concert series features Other Country Quartet, a group that offers an eclectic mix of styles on traditional Middle Eastern acoustic instruments. Other Country Quartet features David Stenshoel, Scott Nieman, Greg Herriges, and Stephen Spaise. KFAI's Tom Garneau produced and mixed this concert.

12 August 2016

Walk in the Park - Airs Aug 17th

Walk in the Park from Hearing Voices
The National Park Service turns 100 this August! Our hour-long celebration immerses listeners into America's national and local parks. We will embark on a bike trip through snow-bound Yellowstone, a hike up the Grotto trailhead to Angel's Landing in Zion Canyon, spend a night in the Everglades tracking the Florida Panther, and visit community gatherings at William Pierce Park in the middle of Washington DC. Hosted by Barrett Golding and featuring producers Scott Carrier, Katie Davis, Christina Eggloff, and Jay Allison.

Wolf Howls and Bison Bellows by Jennifer Jerrett
We'll also be hearing a pair of audio postcards from Yellowstone National Park. First, Biological Technician Rick McIntyre tells us about the complex history of wolf calls within the park. Then, at the close of the show, Jennifer brings us on a listening safari for a signature sound of midsummer in Yellowstone - bison rutting season.

08 August 2016

Campaign '68 - Airs August 10th

Campaign '68 from American RadioWorks
Many see similarities between this 2016 election campaign and one almost half a century earlier. The 1968 presidential race was one of the most dramatic and significant contests for the White House in the 20th century. It was a close, bitterly-fought campaign in a raucous, bloody year. Ultimately, the Democratic Party lost its decades-long grip on national power, making way for the rise of Republican conservatism that profoundly reshaped American public policy for the next 40 years.

Voting by Remote from Eric Molinsky
Have you ever come across a TV show and wondered, who watches this stuff? Who are these people? You might find the answer in a report by a consumer research group on the TV viewing habits of liberals and conservatives. The study doesn’t factor in race, gender or class, just people who self identify as very liberal or very conservative. But some very clear trends emerge. We'll learn what makes a show appeal to one side of the political spectrum, even when there’s no politics on the surface.