17 October 2017

Shadows on Sparks Street - Airs Oct 18th

Shadows on Sparks Street by Sarah Boothroyd
This is the true story of Canada’s first political assassination – one that happened less than a year after the new Dominion of Canada was formed. Thomas D’Arcy McGee remains the only Canadian federal politician ever to be assassinated. He was a charismatic politician, poet, and journalist, shot on the doorstep to his rooming house on Sparks Street, just a few blocks from Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Killed 6 days before his 43rd birthday, Thomas left behind a wife and a 10-year-old daughter. The frenzy which resulted after the murder culminated in the last public execution in Canadian history and a mystery that refuses to die. Many think his farce of a trail led to the wrongful conviction and execution of Patrick James Whelan, an Irish tailor. Did he do it? Was he working alone? With the expertise of historians David Wilson and David Shanahan, as well as lawyer Lawrence Greenspon, we will explore this nineteenth century world of spies, lies, secrets, and murder.

11 October 2017

Polka's Not Dead - Airs Oct 11th

Polka's Not Dead by Carrie Swiggum
In the 1940s, New Ulm was hailed as the polka capitol of the nation, and many national performers called it home. We will explore the evolution of polka music in Minnesota, from World War II up to today with local expert Craig Ebel. Craig walks us through the musical landscape of Minnesota and the varieties of polka which developed here: Slovenian, Dutchmen, Polish, and on. We will also learn about the Conjunto or Tejano styles which were brought north in the early 20th century. This award-winning documentary features the music of “Whoopee” John Wilfahrt, Polkicide, Father Frank Perkovich, the Andrews Sisters and many more. It was produced for KFAI's Minneculture program.

04 October 2017

Frankie Lee & Chastity Brown - Airs Oct 4th

Photo by Ilia Horsburgh
Frankie Lee Live from Minnesota 
Singer-songwriter Frankie Lee shows us his rootsy, candid style while playing both piano and acoustic guitar in this performance, recorded live at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Lee is joined by Michael Rosetto on electric guitar for the second half of the show. Masterfully recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Garneau.

Chastity Brown Live from Minnesota
To celebrate Brown's recently released Red House Records debut, Silhouette of Sirens, we're pulling a show from the rich and vast Minneculture vault: Chastity Brown performing at the Cedar Cultural Center on June 12, 2010. Recorded and produced by Dick Rees, Tom Chance, and Nancy Sartor. 

27 September 2017

Pledge Drive - Airs Sept 27th

Recent Stories from Minneculture
We'll be playing a handful of stories from the Minneculture collective as well as a few tunes from the Live from Minnesota series. It's pledge drive time at KFAI & for the Listening Lounge! We're asking for your help to PLEASE support our amazing little public radio station by donating today! Every buck counts. Plus, only during this campaign, you can even score yourself a pair of these dopefly socks! 

18 September 2017

The Minneculture Podcast - Airs Sept 20th

The Minneculture Podcast from KFAI 
More episodes from the new MinneCulture Podcast! We are going to air 4 installments from the bi-weekly series which just wrapped up it's first season. Minneculture features the best arts, culture, and history reporting from KFAI. In these episodes, we'll cover demolition lawn mower derbys, mosquito control, vigilante bikers (as in bicyclists), both rogue potters and plate breakers, backyard chicken coops, plus the professional wrestling scene in Minnesota -- so hold on tight! Our show will feature work by independent producers: Britt Aamodt, Xan Holston, Graison Hensley ChapmanSophie Nikitasand Todd MelbyMinneculture is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. You can hear more stories from Minneculture at their Soundcloud page and download all of Series One of the Minneculture podcast NOW on both iTunes and Stitcher.

11 September 2017

This is Insanity - Airs Sept 13th

This is Insanity from Hearing Voices
A self-examination and rumination on a myriad of disturbed mental states. First, backed by the Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcracy, William S. Burroughs declares, "This is Insane," an anonymous reporter describes his "Electroshock" therapy, and The Avalanches mashup a "Frontier Psychiatrist." Plus, Scott Carrier takes "The Test" for schizophrenia and Joe Frank is pathologically challenged by time. Finally, Sound Portraits helps Howard Dully trace the reasons and repercusssions of his very experimental "ice pick" lobotomy, a procedure performed on him when he was 12 years old by psychiatrist Walter J. Freeman.

05 September 2017

The View from Room 205 - Airs Sept 6th

The View from Room 205 by Linda Lutton
This one-hour documentary takes an unflinching look at the intersection of poverty and education in our country. It tells the story of a fourth grade classroom at William Penn Elementary, a public school in one of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods, North Lawndale on Chicago’s West Side. The piece weaves together human stories in the school, from the children to their teacher to the principal, and pulls back to explain the big picture. It looks at poverty’s hold on school achievement and explores the unintended consequences of a core belief driving school reform today – that poverty is no excuse for low achievement. Peabody Award-winning reporter Linda Lutton of WBEZ Chicago spent months reporting from Penn and the neighborhood around the school. Her work tackles fundamental questions about how we educate poor children, and whether schools can actually overcome poverty. It documents - often painfully - how we struggle and fail to lift poverty’s burdens off children. It is an hour that is personal, up-close, story-driven, and of far-reaching national importance.