18 April 2017

We Don't Talk Like That - Airs April 19th

'Fargo' and the Midwest Psyche by 2 Below Zero
The 1996 movie "Fargo" stirred widespread curiosity about snowy winters, funny accents, and bloody mayhem on the frozen tundra of North Dakota and Minnesota. The film won two Oscars and inspired a popular television series of the same name. But how well did it actually capture and reflect the region? In this documentary, producers Diane Richard and Todd Melby unravel the mystery behind the parkas, prowlers, and wood chippers in interviews with actors William H. Macy, John Carroll Lynch, Stephen Park, Tony Denman, dialect coach Liz Himelstein, women in law enforcement, and many more. Narrated by Bruce Bohne (Deputy Lou). Essential listening for diehard fans of "Fargo." 
Season 3 of the Fargo television series premieres later in the evening on the FX network!

12 April 2017

The Gun Debate - Airs April 12th

An Unlikely Friendship Transforms the Gun Debate from Reckonings
In the mid-90’s, Dr. Mark Rosenberg was leading gun violence research at the CDC. Republican Arkansas Congressman Jay Dickey, the NRA’s so-called "point man on the Hill," spearheaded legislation to defund it. Dickey and Rosenberg were on diametrically opposed sides of the gun debate, but fate took a twist. Producer Stephanie Lepp explains how through unexpected experiences, they managed to become friends, create common ground, and are now jointly calling on Congress to restore CDC funding for gun violence research. Their story is a rare source of hope within one of America’s most polarizing issues: guns.

A Red State Gun Owner Who's Not so Red from Making Contact
We go to Montana, where Making Contact producer Amy Martin spent some time with a guy that you might think of as the stereotypical American gun owner. Listen closely to this audio portrait, though, and you might find some views that don’t quite fit the mold.

05 April 2017

Frankie Lee + Chastity Brown - Airs April 5th

Photo by Ilia Horsburgh
Frankie Lee Live from Minnesota 
Singer-songwriter Frankie Lee shows us his rootsy, candid style while playing both piano and acoustic guitar in this performance, recorded live at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Lee is joined by Michael Rosetto on electric guitar for the second half of the show. Masterfully recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Garneau.

Chastity Brown Live from Minnesota
To celebrate Brown's soon-to-be-released Red House Records debut, Silhouette of Sirens, we're pulling a show from the rich and vast Minneculture vault: Chastity Brown performing at the Cedar Cultural Center on June 12, 2010. Recorded and produced by Dick Rees, Tom Chance, and Nancy Sartor for KFAI's Minneculture. Chastity is currently back on tour and playing at Tattersall Distilling next Monday. Her new album, Silhouette of Sirens, is released on May 19th. 

28 March 2017

Chuck Berry - Airs March 29th

Hail! Hail! The King of Rock 'n' Roll from Tres Hombres Productions
This hour-long music-intensive radio special celebrates the unforgettable music of Chuck Berry. Berry plays his biggest hits backed by Keith Richards and his all-star band, with guests Eric Clapton, Linda Rondstadt, Etta James, and Julian Lennon in one of the most highly regarded concert documentaries of all-time. Interview subjects include John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry, himself. This amazing gathering of rock greats honored Berry on his 60th birthday at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis in 1986, and was captured by director Taylor Hackford for his film, Chuck Berry: Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll. Hackford hosts this hour of live music, rehearsal sessions, and insider interviews from both the original film and the bonus materials unearthed for the multi-disc reissue.

22 March 2017

Pledge Drive - Aired March 22nd

Best of Live from Minnesota Mix-tape: Side B from Minneculture
We're playing stories from Minneculture about Minnesota musicians like P.O.S., Kitten Forever, Desdamona, Hüsker Dü, and also spinning favorite live recordings from Minneculture's Live from Minnesota series. Music from Patty & the Buttons, Pornonono, Cherry Cola, Erik Koskinen, Bruise Violet, Los Nativos and others.
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15 March 2017

Indeed We Can - Aired March 15

Best of Live from Minnesota Mix-tape: Side A from Minneculture
KFAI's Listening Lounge and Radio Pocho broadcast live from the Indeed Brewery Taproom to support KFAI and to kick off our 2017 Membership Drive! All proceeds directly went to KFAI. 
For the event were spinning live recordings of some of our favorite artists from Minneculture's Live from Minnesota series -- Folks like Dosh, Bad Bad Hats, Kitten Forever, Heiruspecs, Mason Jennings, The Jayhawks, Maria Isa, Gospel Machine, and many, many more! 

08 March 2017

IWD - Aired March 8th

Listening Lounge on March 8th was pre-empted for KFAI's special International Women's Day programming for 2017. Leah Honsky and Fresh Fruit host Quinn "Shimmer" Villagomez bring us Peace Talks.