13 November 2018

Transformations - Airs Nov 14th

Transformations of a white supremacist and a jihadi extremist from Reckonings
Frank Meeink was a white supremacist who became a top neo-Nazi leader and recruiter. Jesse Morton was one of the most prolific jihadi propagandists in the US. Both men have since recanted their beliefs, but what caused the pair to look beyond their ideologies? We'll explore that and why it is they joined these violent extremist movements at all. Producer Stephanie Lepp seeks to find what then moved them to abandon their lives of hate. Her podcast, Reckonings, continually explores how people come to change their hearts and minds.

07 November 2018

Barbara Jean + The Last Revel - Airs Nov 7th

Barbara Jean Live from Minnesota
Both the rugged and softer side of Minnesota’s North Shore are apparent in Barbara Jean's music. She is a fiddle and banjo player as well as a singer and accomplished songwriter with accolades from the prestigious Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Contest and Big Top Chautauqua. This show was recorded for MinneCulture live at Icehouse in Minneapolis by Alex Proctor. Mixed and Produced by KFAI's Tom Garneau.

The Last Revel Live from Minnesota
Blending traditional folk harmonies with rocking' up-tempo bluegrass, The Last Revel is a three-piece band that began playing a weekly gig at a dive bar in southern Minnesota. Their wild performances spread by word of mouth until the bar was at maximum capacity -- and when the dance floor was full, folks danced on tables. This show was produced and recorded for MinneCulture by Tom Garneau live at the historic Kato Ballroom in Mankato.

29 October 2018

Bloody Hell - Airs Oct 31st

Bloody Hell from Hearing Voices
We play host to a special hour of horror for All Hallows' Eve! In 1993, German artist Andreas Ammer, F.M. Einheit, and the now late-great John Peel, conspired to create a radio play based on Dante's Divine Comedy; it's called Radio Inferno. We'll hear an excerpt from that alongside the memories of Minnesotan author Kevin Kling, plus Cherokee writer Craig Strete's titular tale from his book The Bleeding Man and Other Science Fiction StoriesDavid Greenberger has been collecting thought from elderly Americans for more than a quarter century. We'll hear a story from Greenberger based on a conversation with Edna Wofford about ESP, dreams, and intuition. Also, Patsy Montana sings "Yodeling Ghost," Shel Silverstein reads his poem "Monsters I've Met," and prepare to get antiquated with Mexico's bogeyman, La Llorona, the crying woman.

23 October 2018

Frankenstein Bicentennial - Airs Oct 24th

Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus from Quicksilver Radio Theater
January 1st marked the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's famed novel. Shelley was only twenty years old when it was first published anonymously in 1818; it is often claimed to be the first example of true science fiction. To celebrate, we are airing a modern audio drama which stays true to Shelley's original story. If you've only seen the movies, then you do not actually know this harrowing tale of obsession and isolation. Our hour-long radioplay was directed by Jay Stern, faithfully adapted from the novel by producer Craig Wichman, and fully explores the tragedy's themes of responsibility, prejudice, humanity, and sympathy.

16 October 2018

Unearthing Dracula - Airs Oct 17th

Unearthing Dracula from WFIU
Vampires have captured our collective imagination for generations -- from early-18th century folklore, to Count Yorga, to chocolaty cereal and beloved Sesame Street characters. The subject has been continually visited in literature since Heinrich Ossenfelde's 1748 poem "The Vampire" and John Polidor's novel "The Vampyre" in 1819. And they have long been a staple of the silver screen too, with the first appearance of "Nosferatu" in 1922. It is, however, Bela Lugosi's iconic and oft-mimicked portrayal in 1931 with his cape, tuxedo, widow's peak, and thick Hungarian accent that instantly comes to mind when we hear the name Dracula. But who is the real Dracula? Is it, in fact, Vlad Tepes? To learn more, producer Annie Corrigan interviews Jeff Holdeman, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Indiana University. They examine the films, literature, music, and art all attempting to construct an image of this eerie, yet elusive, character who has become so deeply embedded in our culture.

10 October 2018

Spellbound - Airs Oct 10th

Spellbound from The Screen Directors' Playhouse
A psychiatrist plummets into a whirlwind feverish terror and tangled identities after discovering an accused murderer posing as a fellow doctor. Surprisingly, she chooses to protect the identity of this mysterious impostor and attempts to cure his amnesia and troubled conscience through psychoanalysis. What unfolds is a transcendent romance replete with taut excitement -- the makings of a classic Alfred Hitchcock story. We'll hear a dramatized radio adaptation of Hitchcock's film Spellbound (1945) broadcast January 25th,  1951 on Screen Directors' Playhouse. Adapted for radio by Jack Rubin. Starring HitchMercedes McCambridge, and Joseph Cotten with Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman providing spooky theremin accompaniment. 

03 October 2018

Stingray Green, The Beatifics, Magnatone + Run Westy Run - Airs Oct 3rd

Stingray Green, The Beatifics, and Magnatone Live from Minnesota
First, a concert staged during March 2015 at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis as benefit for beloved musician Dan Boardman. We'll hear hits from local legends: Stingray Green, The Beatifics, and Magnatone. It was produced by Tom Garneau for MinneCulture. Dan was a member of the Spectors, Stingray Green, Turtlenex, the Floorshakers, and Leafy Green Things. Dan died later that summer of pancreatic cancer at the age of 49. 

Run Westy Run Live from Minnesota
A reunion gig by beloved local band, Run Westy Run, recorded at the Rex in Duluth by Keenan McIntrye. The show features brothers Kirk and Kraig Johnson, Terry Fisher, Al Shroeder, and Bobby Joslyn. Run Westy Run formed in the mid '80s, the group was part of the same Minnesota music scene that spawned the Replacements and Husker Du. This live performance was produced by Tom Garneau with support from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund for KFAI's MinneCulture.